Volunteering Stories

Mexico Street dogs

This is the story of when Dr. Linn, one of our vets, went to Mexico recently. 


One morning she found a street dog sleeping outside her room in Chacahua, a little surf spot on a remote beach on the west coast of Mexico far away from civilization. The dog had one of the most horrific injuries Linn had seen. A local told her he had been hit with a stick leaving most of the left side of his jaw bone fully exposed. The wound was badly infected and the dog was in very poor condition. He was full of fleas, ticks, very skinny and barely able to walk. Linn couldn’t ignore the fact that the dog had chosen to sleep right outside a veterinarian’s door of all the places! It was meant to be. Something had to be done for this poor sweet little dog. 



                                                                             A photo of the jaw injury, after it had been cleaned.

Linn and her travel companions took him (now named “Chaky”) on a boat ride through the mangroves to get to the mainland. From there they had to drive 2 hours south to reach the nearest veterinary clinic in Puerto Escondido.