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We have been trusting Racecourse Veterinary Hospital with our very loved pets for over 5 years with the state of the art medical equipment to enable quick diagnosis for your pet. We hold the highly qualified Vets and Nurses in the highest esteem as they are always caring and friendly with the patient and their owners and know your pet and their personality as well as you do. As I have four animal rescue dogs and one cat all with medical problems, one dog in particular who is about fifteen years old with still a lot of bad memories of horrific treatment from previous owners and still can be very fysty, these girls at Racecourse Veterinary Hospital are the only ones who have been able to handle her without any problems.

I also have Bowen Therapy for my dogs from the very highly qualified Rachael who saved one of my dogs from being euthanized as Libby couldn't walk but with a few months of Bowen Therapy with Rachel, she is now running around enjoying life again. My girls (dogs) get sooo excited when they visit the vets and receive a treat from the staff.

One special feature I appreciate from this establishment is that they do not hesitate to refer you to a specialist if necessary and I have had phone calls from Willa or Linn late at night to discuss test results of our beloved fur babies which is very much appreciated. We cannot speak highly enough of Racecourse Veterinary Hospital and we highly recommend them for caring for your beloved animals.

A big thank you from very satisfied customers Allan and Narelle Wann plus our fur babies Libby, Mitzi, Abby, Belle and Mr Kitty.

Narelle Wann

Marlene Bentino

Jenny Campisi

Arlo & Louis