What we offer

Routine Consultations

Our veterinarians will give your pet a thorough examination and discuss any issues or concerns you may have. We will talk over treatment options with you at great length and assist you and your pet to achieve the best possible outcome.

Allergy consults

Living on the Northcoast we unfortunately see so many of our dogs and cats with severe allergies. Allergies are a complex and confusing issue to diagnose and manage. We like to allow ample time to discuss your pets allergy issues and create a management plan that will control your pets symptoms and give relief. Previously Allergy testing required a visit to the specialist at the Goldcoast or Brisbane. Here at Racecourse Road we can now provide complex allergy testing on site. Once the test is complete your pet will receive a comprehensive allergy report of which we will, follow up and discuss the best treatment options for your pet.

Puppy or Kittens first visit

You have this beautiful new baby and so many questions… Puppy or kittens first visit typically involves their vaccination and physical examination. We will discuss all their early stage needs including worming, heartworm, desexing and any questions you may have. It is often a great idea to come armed with a list so we don’t miss anything! And of course we are just a phone call away.


As an adult your pet will visit us annually for their health check, vaccinations and heartworm injection. Each year we will give them the once over checking heart, teeth, weight and ensuring we are at optimal health.

Senior Pet Health Check

Age related conditions can be managed successfully with early diagnosis. Our aim is to identify any existing conditions and provide you with a personalised plan to maintain optimum health. Common Conditions we commonly see are

  • osteoarthritis
  • Dental disease
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease

Our senior health check includes heart/cardiovascular check, Eyes, skin and ears, arthritis check, dental check and when required blood and urine screen



We recommend desexing between 6-8 months of age. On admission for surgery we will provide a full health check prior to administering an anaesthetic and performing the surgery. The surgery is a day procedure and your beloved pet will be fully monitored during the procedure and whilst in recovery. We provide 2 forms of pain relief and we will discuss recovery at length at time of discharge and of course you have our full support should you have any further questions.

Soft tissue/orthopaedic surgery

Our dedicated surgeons are experienced in soft tissue and ortho paedic surgeries including cruciate ligament repair. However any patient that requires specialist surgical care can be referred to our nearby specialist centre at Carrara.

Dental procedures

We have on site a state of the art dental machine. This ensures that we can provide your pet with the highest quality of dental care from routine scale and polish procedures, to the most complex of dental extractions.

Referral to specialist centres, behaviourist, emergency

We work closely with Veterinary Specialists on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. This enables us the ability to refer your pet to specialist Veterinarians when required.

Rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, ferrets

Our Veterinarians have a keen interest in our 'pocket' pets providing quality care to even the smallest of pets.


We provide care to any injured, native wildlife at our Veterinary Hospital. We work closely with WIRES and Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers to provide treatment and care to wildlife, until they are able to be released.


We are here to offer advice without judging and help you make an informed choice wether or not it is time to make this most difficult decision. We will treat your beloved family member with dignity and respect and do our very best to create a calm stress free environment on the day you say goodbye.